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Accepted Papers

AMT 2010: Regular Papers

- "A Spatio-temporal Framework for Related Topic Search in Micro-blogging"
   Shuangyong Song, Qiudan Li, and Nan Zheng

- "Assessing End-User Programming for a Graphics Development Environment"
   Lizao Fang and Daryl Hepting

- "Exploiting Semantic Hierarchies for Flickr Group"
   Dongyuan Lu and Qiudan Li

- "Understanding a Celebrity with His Salient Events"
   Shuangyong Song, Qiudan Li, and Nan Zheng

- "Towards Microeconomic Resources Allocation in Overlay Networks"
   Mohammad Hossein Rezvani and Morteza Analoui

- "Investigating Perceptions of a Location-Based Annotation System"
   Huynh Nhu Hop Quach, Khasfariyati Razikin, Dion Hoe-Lian Goh, Thi Nhu Quynh Kim, Tan Phat Pham, Yin-Leng Theng, Ee-Peng Lim, Chew Hung Chang, Kalyani Chatterjea, and Aixin Sun

- "Apollon13: A Training System for Emergency Situations in a Piano Performance"
   Yuki Yokoyama and Kazushi Nishimoto

- "The Influence of Ubiquity on Screen-Based Interfaces"
   Sheila Petty and Luigi Benedicenti

- "Mulitagent based Large Data Clustering Scheme for Data Mining Applications"
   Ravindra Babu T, Narasimha Murty M, and Subrahmanya S.V.

- "Folksonomy-Based Ontological User Interest Profile Modeling and Its Application in Personalized Search"
   Xiaogang Han, Zhiqi Shen, Chunyan Miao, and Xudong Luo

- "Enhanced Intra Coding of H.264/AVC Advanced Video Coding Standard with Adaptive Number of Modes"
   Mohammed Golam Sarwer and Q. M. Jonathan Wu

- "Fractal Based Video Shot Cut/Fade Detection and Classification"
   Zeinab Zeinalpour-Tabrizi, Amir Farid Aminian-Modarres, mahmood fathy, and Mohammad Reza Jahed-Motlagh

- "Exploring Social Annotation Tags to Enhance Information Retrieval Performance"
   Zheng Ye and Jimmy Huang

- "Social Relation Based Search Refinement : Let Your Friends Help You!"
   Xu Ren, Yi Zeng, Yulin Qin, Ning Zhong, Zhisheng Huang, Yan Wang, and Cong Wang

- "Towards Perception-Driven Interaction with Parametric Images"
   Daryl Hepting and Leila Latifi

- "An Empirical Approach for Opinion Detection using Significant Sentences"
   Anil Kumar K.M

- "Enhancing Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Machine Learning Techniques"
   Qinmin Hu, Zheng Ye, and Jimmy Huang

- "A Case for Content Distribution in Peer-to-peer Networks"
   Mohammad Hossein Rezvani and Morteza Analoui

- "Contextual Recommendation of Social Updates, a Tag-based Framework"
   Adrien Joly, Pierre Maret, and Johann Daigremont

- "Visual Image Browsing and Exploration (Vibe): User Evaluations of Image Search Tasks"
   Grant Strong, Orland Hoeber, and Minglun Gong

- "Semantic Web Portal: A Platform for Better Browsing and Visualizing Semantic Data"
   Yuyin Sun, Yuyin Sun, Bin Chen, Katy Borner, Li Ding, and David Wild

- "NicoScene: Video Scene Search by Keywords based on Social Annotation"
   Yasuyuki Tahara, Atsushi Tago, Hiroyuki Nakagawa, and Akihiko Ohsuga

- "A Novel Automatic Lip Reading Method Based on Polynomial Fitting"
   Li Meng and Yiu-ming Cheung

- "An Approach for the Design of Self-Conscious Agent for Robotics"
   Antonio Chella, Massimo Cossentino, Valeria Seidita, and Calogera Tona

- "K-Means Clustering as a Speciation Method within an Individual-Based Evolving Predator-Prey Ecosystem Simulation"
   Adam Aspinall and Robin Gras

- "Extracting Concerns and Reports on Crimes in Blogs"
   Yusuke Abe, Takehito Utsuro, Yasuhide Kawada, Tomohiro Fukuhara, Noriko Kando, Masaharu Yoshioka, Hiroshi Nakagawa, Yoji Kiyota, and Masatoshi Tsuchiya

- "Automatically Extracting Web Data Records"
   Dheerendranath Mundluru, Vijay Raghavan, and Zonghuan Wu

- "Performance Evaluation of Constraints in Graph-based Semi-Supervised Clustering"
   Tetsuya Yoshida

- "A Hybrid Chinese Information Retrieval Model"
   Zhihan Li, Yue Xu, and Shlomo Geva

- "Visualizing Threaded Conversation Networks: Mining Message Boards and Email Lists for Actionable Insights"
   Derek Hansen, Ben Shneiderman, and Marc Smith

- "Extracting protein sub-cellular localizations from literature"
   Hong-Woo Chun, Jin-Dong Kim, Yun-Soo Choi, and Won-Kyung Sung

- "Clustering Web Users Based on Browsing Behavior"
   Tingshao Zhu

AMT 2010: Short Papers

- "Improving Reinforcement Learning Agents Using Genetic Algorithms"
   akram beigi, hamid parvin, nasser mozayani, and Behrouz Minaei

- "Robust and Efficient Change Detection Algorithm"
   Fei Yu, Michael Chukwu, and Q. M. Jonathan Wu

- "Web User Browse Behavior Character Analysis: Constructing and Mining BC Tree"
   Dingrong Yuan, Ning Zhong, and Shichao Zhang

- "Interactive Visualization System for DES"
   Hatem Bahig, M. Essesah, and Sameh Daoud

- "Analysis of Research Keys as Temporal Patterns of Technical Term Usages in Bibliographical Data"
   Hidenao Abe and Shusaku Tsumoto

- "A Sematic Web services discovery algorithm Based on QoS ontology"
   Baocai Yin, Huirong Yang, Pengbin Fu, and Xiaobo Chen

- "User Interests: Its Definition, Vocabulary, and Utilization in Unifying Search and Reasoning"
   Yi Zeng, Yan Wang, Zhisheng Huang, Danica Damljanovic, Ning Zhong, and Cong Wang

- "Modeling User Knowledge from Queries: Introducing a Metric for Knowledge"
   Frans Van der Sluis and Egon L. Van den Broek

- "Music Information Retrieval with Temporal Features and Timbre"
   Angelina Tzacheva and Keith Bell

- "Term Frequency Quantization for Compressing an Inverted Index"
   Lei Zheng and Ingemar Cox

- "Intelligent Implicit Interface for Wearable Items Suggestion"
   Muhammad Aslam, Aasim Khan, and Ana Maria Martinez-Enriquez

- "Computer-Assisted Interviewing with Active Questionnaires"
   Seon-Ah Jang, Jae-Gun Yang,, and Jae-Hak J. Bae

- "Implementation of an intelligent product recommender system ina an e-store"
   Seyed Ali Bahrainian, Seyed Mohammad Bahrainian, Meytham Salarinasab, and Andreas Dengel

- "Building Users’ Profiles from Clustering Resources in Collaborative Tagging Systems"
   Maya Rupert and Salima Hassas

- "Some Optimizations in Maximal Clique based Distributed Coalition Formation for Collaborative Multi-Agent Systems"
   Predrag Tosic and Naveen Ginne

- "Chinese Question Retrieval System Using Dependency Information"
   Jing Qiu, Le-Jian Liao, and Jun-Kang Hao

- "Recommendation of Little Known Good Travel Destinations usingWord-of-mouth Information on the Web"
   Kouzou Ohara, Yu Fujimoto, and Tomofumi Shiina

- "Ontology Matching Method for Efficient Metadata Integration"
   Pyung Kim, Dongmin Seo, Mikyoung Lee, Seungwoo Lee, Hanmin Jung, and Won-Kyung Sung

- "Natural language query processing for life science knowledge"
   Jin-Dong Kim, Yasunori Yamamoto, Atsuko Yamaguchi, Mitsuteru Nakao, Kenta Oouchida, Hong-Woo Chun, and Toshihisa Takagi

- "Privacy Preserving in Personalized Mobile Marketing"
   Yuqing Sun and Guangjun Ji

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