DBLP-SSE ( The DBLP Search Support Engine )
DBLP-SSE (The DBLP Search Support Engine) is developed by the International WIC Institite, Beijing University of Technology. It is developed based on the principles of Information Retrieval Support Systems. It aims at providing more supporting functionalities based on the DBLP to help users find more useful knowledge and provide analysis of search results to support their research.
Try the DBLP Search Support Engine ( V0.3): Now based on AJAX and Supports Personalized Amazon Book Search based on DBLP author interests !
DBLP User Interests Extractor (V0.1) has been released, you can download your own interests RDF file!
Version List
  • Version 0.3 [August 5th, 2010] (Support personalized Amazon Book Search based on DBLP author interests)
  • Version 0.2 [May 1st, 2010] (web-based system, with group interests based refinement)
  • Version 0.1 [March 10th, 2009] (desktop application, with user interests prediction and interests based refinement)
Main Supporting Functionalities :
  • User Research Interest Prediction (version 0.1~)
  • User interests based query refinement (version 0.1~)
  • Co-author network (version 0.2~)
  • Group interests based query refinement (version 0.2~)
  • Personalized Amazon book search (version 0.3~)
Released Source :
1. Computer Scientists Research Interest Prediction : We analized all the computer scientists' publication (currently including 615124 persons) in the DBLP dataset (Currently, we use the SwetoDBLP version of the dataset) and we made a prediction of all their future interests in the year 2009 and created an RDF file containing top 9 interests of all the authors. These information can be used to refine the query from different researchers [Download the interest RDF file].
2. Computer Scientists Coauthor Network : We bulit the Computer Scientists Coauthor Network as an RDF file so that one can develop applications based on this network and utilize the relationships among the authors. Some case studies can be found in our publication [Download the Coauthor Network RDF file].
3. Removed Keywords for Building Domain Knowledge Structures : We built domain knowledge structures based on publication structures in a certain domain, in order to provide a good domain knowledge structure, we filtered some irrelevant words. As an illustrative example of building domain knowledge structures, we built a knowledge structure of "Artificial Intelligence" based on relevant proceedings and journals structures in DBLP [Download the filtered words].
Main Developers :
  • Yi Zeng : Post Doctoral Researcher, International WIC Institute, Beijing University of Technology.
  • Xu Ren : Master Candidate, International WIC Institute, Beijing University of Technology.
  • Yan Wang : Ph.D Candidate, International WIC Institute, Beijing University of Technology.
  • Cong Wang: Bachelor, Beijing University of Technology.
Steering Committee :
  • Ning Zhong : Professor, Maebashi Institute of Technology, Japan.
  • Yulin Qin : Senior Research Scientist, Carnegie Mellon University, U.S.A.
  • Zhisheng Huang : Senior Researcher, Vrije University Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • Yiyu Yao : Professor, University of Regina, Canada.
Project Support :
This study is supported by the research grant from the European Union 7th framework project FP7-215535 Large-Scale Integrating Project LarKC (Large Knowledge Collider).
Related Publication :
  • DBLP-SSE: A DBLP Search Support Engine, Yi Zeng, Yiyu Yao, Ning Zhong. In: Proceedings of the 2009 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence, IEEE Computer Society, Milan, Italy, September 15-18, 2009.
Copyright by International WIC Institute, Beijing University of Technology, P.R. China.